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A Divorce Plan Built For You

The divorce process in Massachusetts can be difficult and painful for both sides involved. Leaving a marriage is a hard decision to make, and you want to know that your lawyer has the experience and legal skills you need to move forward.

At Cornerstone Law Group, LLC, our attorneys have 50 combined years of experience walking men and women from Taunton and eastern Massachusetts through the divorce process. We meet with each client individually and learn about their family and what they want for their future. A successful divorce plan will cover several areas. These are listed as follows.

Asset Division

This is more than a question of “who gets the house?” with regard to divorce. Asset division covers all assets acquired during the marriage. Massachusetts follows an “equitable division” model, meaning that the eventual division will probably not be equal. The court will instead look to find a fair division. We can advocate for you to secure your fair share of the marital estate.


There is no guarantee that either party in the divorce will get alimony. However, in Massachusetts, you can pursue alimony at any time during or after the divorce. The length of time any alimony agreement lasts may vary depending on the type. We can work with you to determine what approach we should take when it comes to alimony.

Child Support

Both parents should contribute financially to their children’s care. Child support court orders seek to cover such costs as:

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Health care
  • Any other costs that a child may incur

We work with you to ensure that your children get the support they deserve.

Child Custody

The hardest question facing parents going through divorce is: “Where will my child live?” This dispute is one of the hardest fought in most divorces. When making this decision, courts rely on a standard of the child’s “best interests.” All decisions come back to what is in the best interests of your child.

We Are Experienced Divorce Representatives

Divorce and family law is a complex area of the law. You deserve representation that will pursue your goals and treat you with respect. The attorneys of Cornerstone Law Group, LLC are here to do just that. Reach out to us today at 508-936-2213 or send an email to our office to schedule a conversation.